Информация о новелти фалаеноисисах

Решила привести ВСЕ цитаты из книги Э.Кристенсона о новелти ф., на которого ссылается Д.В. Думаю многим будет интересно. "...The past two decades have seen a diversification of the novelty class into four additional classes, namely multiflorals, spots, reds and miniatures." “At one point any hybrid that was not standard, large-flowered cross was called novelty. With the coalescence of multiflorals and reds as distinct classes, novelty Phal-s hybrids are primarily interspecific hybrids of subgenus Polichilos or crosses with similarly sized species and hybrids. These plants are produced primarily for the hobbyists and orchid breeder markets. They lack the large flower size and elegant erect-arching inflorescences of standard hybrids.” “Hybrids … Princess Kaiulani… Sunfare… Tigress … represent the variable class known as novelties.”


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